How to Water a ZZ Plant


If you're looking for a lovely and interesting indoor plant that is tough enough to withstand occasional neglect, the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) might be just the ticket. Native to Eastern Africa, the ZZ plant, with its glossy, green leaves, will add a tropical feel to your indoor environment. Although the ZZ plant will tolerate conditions that very few plants can withstand, the plant will be healthier and will produce lush growth faster when properly watered.

Step 1

Water the ZZ plant deeply when the soil feels dry. Water the plant until water runs through the bottom of the hole. Let the plant drain completely and pour out any water remaining in the saucer under the container. Never allow the container to stand in water because excessive moisture can cause the ZZ plant to rot.

Step 2

Allow the soil to dry completely before watering the ZZ plant again. Watering the plant one time every one to two weeks is usually adequate.

Step 3

Add a water-soluble fertilizer to the water once or twice every month. Use a general-purpose fertilizer for indoor plants, but dilute the fertilizer to half the mixture recommended on the packaged label. ZZ plant is a slow-growing plant and doesn't require heavy feeding.


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