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A planter box provides people who lack garden space an option for growing plants, flowers or vegetables inside or around the house. It can also be raised by installing wooden blocks at the base, so people with weak backs or spine problems do not have to bend too low. Depending on personal taste, make a simple square or rectangular planter box from wood, brick, metal, ceramic, concrete or heavyweight plastic. Building a wooden planter is a straightforward process that does not require prior woodworking experience.

Step 1

Measure the particular spot where you will display the planter box to determine its dimensions. Visualize how the planter box containing mature plants will look there. Note down the desired height, length and width on paper.

Step 2

Cut wooden boards yourself with a handsaw, or purchase them precut from a hardware store. To assemble a rectangular planter box, you need an identical front and back side (both long), two identical short sides (for the edges) and a base. Measure the base to equal the length of the front and the width of the base. However, all the boards should be identical for a square planter.

Step 3

Drill ¾- to 1-inch drainage holes in the base piece, spaced equally apart. Also sand all the edges of the wooden boards with medium-grit sandpaper to remove sharp splinters.

Step 4

Place the long edge of the front on an even worktable, and hold a short side flush against its corner. Align both the pieces so the joint is flush and the tops are in line with one another. Drill a row of three wood screws into the joint to bind them together. This assembly of the planter's front an side resembles an L.

Step 5

Rest the lower edge of the L-shaped structure on the worktable and position the back board parallel to the front, but flush against the short edge. Align it so its top is in line with that of the side and front before drilling woodscrews to secure the pieces together.

Step 6

Join the second side to your structure. Hold the structure firmly on the worktable and lower the side piece in its cavity (between the edges of the two long sides, parallel to the other side piece). Drill two rows of woodscrews on each side, to secure it to the edges of the front and back.

Step 7

Position the planter so its bottom side faces upwards. Lower the base over it, resting it securely on the four edges. Drill a row of five woodscrews to join it to each long side, and three wood screws to join it to the short sides.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • 5 wooden boards, 1-inch thick
  • Handsaw
  • Drilling machine
  • Drill bits
  • Medium-grit sandpaper
  • Wood screws
  • Paint


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