Landscape Pool Ideas With Plants

In the summer, a pool feels like an oasis and plants enhance this feeling. Whether swimming, chatting with a friend or just laying back and working on your tan, you will enjoy your pool more with green leaves and bright flowers around it than without.

Pool Plants

Accent your pool deck with small plants that do not lose their petals. According to, small potted flowers such as zinnias are good because they provide bright blooms with little leaf litter to mess up your pool deck and clog your filters. Succulents such as aloe vera are another good option, providing a lot of interest with little mess. Avoid geraniums and petunias, since they shed copious amounts of leaves and petals.

Shrub Backdrop

Landscape Design Advice recommends plenty commendation of evergreen and flowering deciduous shrubs as a backdrop to your pool. The evergreen shrubs "will provide interest when viewing the area in the winter" while the flowering shrubs will give the area extra color in the summertime.

Flowering Ornamental Trees

A pool is a large feature, and can easily overwhelm your yard without the right flora to counterbalance it. Landscape Design Advice recommends adding flowering and ornamental trees to give the site a sense of scale. Flowering cherry and dogwood, Japanese maples and other small or moderate-sized feature trees provide good visual interest and sufficient height to make your pool fit in with your landscape.

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