Child-Friendly Garden Ideas

Children and gardens grow together. Digging is a favorite playtime activity of both girls and boys and a big part of gardening. Turn gardening into fun time for your kid. Buy child-sized garden tools, wheelbarrow and watering can. Add a wide-brim garden hat and gloves, and your child is ready for action.

Miniature Vegetable and Fruit Garden

Choose varieties of plants that are small in stature and produce small-sized vegetables. Tomato sweetheart, tomato cherry jubilee and tomato sugar snack all produce sweet baby-size tomatoes. Thumbelina carrots are the size and shape of a golf ball. Short and sweet carrots are only 4 inches long. Beet little are beets only 1-1/2 inch in diameter. Baby bell peppers are yellow and 2 inches long. Baby squashes are simply the regular-sized squash picked right after the blossom has fallen off.

Surprise Vegetables

Carrots are orange, tomatoes are red, and green peppers are green. Surprise your child with a garden of vegetables in different colors. Tomato Italian ice is a white, cherry-size tomato, tomato sun gold is orange, and brandywine tomatoes are pink. Golden giant is a large-sized bright orange-hued sweet pepper. Chocolate bell peppers are a dark purple that's almost brown. Carnival mix peppers are sweet and come in yellow, green, red, orange, and purple. Ruby corn is red and has a sweet corn taste. Purple dragon is a purple carrot. Rainbow carrots come in yellow, white, and orange. Chioga beets are red on the outside and swirled red and white on the inside. Beets also come in gold and nearly white.

Giant Flowers

Grow flowers so tall that the children can play hide and seek among them. Sunflowers grow up to 12 feet. However, most garden varieties don't grow more than 6 feet. Hollyhocks have large arrow-shaped leaves 8 inches across. The plants flower on stalks reaching to 6 feet. Hollyhocks come in white, red, pink, maroon and yellow. Cosmos grow to 5 feet with feathery leaves and daisy-like flowers in pink, bright pink, purple, white, yellow, and orange. Sweet peas have small flowers but will grow to 6 feet tall with support. Create a secret garden by leaving the center of the tall flower garden open with enough room for child-sized tables and chairs.

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