Ideas With Colorful Flowers in a Garden

Bright, colorful blooms are the central feature of a flower garden---and the first thing that draws the eye. Whether you prefer to carefully pick and arrange a few choice species or scatter a variety of different plants for a cascade of floral fecundity, flowers keep your garden bright and cheerful from the last freeze of spring to the first one of fall.

Wildflower Garden

In many ways, a wildflower garden is the easiest way to enjoy an array of colorful blooms. Instead of carefully designing and laying out your garden, use a single mix of wildflower seeds and let nature decide what goes where. Begin by clearing out a section of soil in full sun. It need not be especially fertile or well-drained because wildflowers are generally tolerant of a variety of soil conditions. Plant wildflower seeds in spring and mulch the ground with 3 to 4 inches of straw to keep the soil moist. When the seeds come up, thin them until the plants are 8 to 12 inches apart. Weed the area carefully until the plants take root. Plant small native grasses as companion plants to provide a background to the flowers and prevent more aggressive grasses and weeds from moving in.

Vertical Garden

To make the most of your bright blooms, create a multilevel garden with flowers peeking out from different heights. Combine tall, bright flowers like sunflowers, small delicate wildflowers, bright climbing vines such as morning glories and hanging baskets of flowering plants to create a radiant display of flowering blooms reaching several feet into the air.

Tillandsia Garden

Add a bright, floral touch to an otherwise drab garden with tillandsia (of the genus Tillandsia), or air plants. Tillandsia can grow without soil directly on trees, walls and other unusual areas and create bright, unusual flowers in a variety of patterns. Tillandsia International recommends growing your tillandsia species in "bright but filtered" light and watering them thoroughly two to three times a week to keep them healthy.

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