Uses of Landscape Fabric

Landscaping fabric is a versatile gardening product. Often used between rows of plants to prevent weeds from growing, this fabric has other uses as well. Purchase landscaping fabric on the Internet, at local hardware stores and even try salvaging (with permission first) it from other gardeners and businesses.

Weed Prevention

When laid out across a planting area, landscaping fabric is a durable weed barrier for vegetables and landscape plants; the gardener cuts holes in the fabric for the desirable plants. Cover the landscape cloth with a top layer of wood mulch or decorative pebbles to give the area a finished look. Landscape fabric virtually eliminates the need for chemical weed control.

Shade Cloth

Employ landscape fabric to prevent tender young seedlings from scorching in the hot sun. Landscape fabric draped over a tunnel frame made from PVC pipe (or another durable frame) during the harshest part of the day will not only protect plants, but help keep the soil from drying out as well. Each growing area is different so you will need to evaluate the area to determine the best time to hang a shade cloth. This fabric casts a dense shade that helps to acclimate indoor plants to life outdoors.

Quick Compost

Lay black landscaping fabric over a compost heap. The added heat generated by the dark cloth will help to break down organic matter. Landscaping fabric will also prevent dogs and other animals from digging through the compost (for a while at least.)

Weed Killer

Landscaping fabric is especially effective to kill established weeds, which bake under the fabric. This is another helpful way to kill weeds organically while saving your back from the strain of digging deeply rooted weeds. The dead plants make excellent organic fertilizer when they are tilled under.

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