How to Make a Centerpiece From Fruits & Vegetables


Fruits, vegetables and a variety of flora and foliage provide your home and garden environments with botanical beauty and aromas. Not only do the fruits growing on the plants add splashes of color to your landscape, but preparing a centerpiece with them adds the color to your home surroundings. Creating a centerpiece of fruits and vegetables from your garden creates a festive and country cottage-inspired touch to your dining table.

Step 1

Select a low-profile wicker basket to use as the base for your centerpiece.

Step 2

Layer the bottom of the basket with a substrate of your choice such as decorative grass or shredded paper.

Step 3

Select a large fruit or vegetable as a focal point for the center of the basket. Such fruits and vegetables include gourds, pineapples, melons, large heads of lettuce and cabbage.

Step 4

Place an assortment of fruits and vegetables of interesting shapes around the central piece in the basket. Bananas, squash, star fruit, yams and artichokes add delightful accents to the centerpiece.

Step 5

Place a few sprigs of foliage in open spaces between the fruits and vegetables. Rosemary branches, daisies and even dried tree leaves accentuate the centerpiece.

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted fruits and vegetables
  • Wicker basket (low profile)
  • Substrate
  • Assorted accent foliage


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