How to Identify Mint Plants


Mint multiplies and grows quickly in the proper environment, so it is usually easy to recognize it by the minty fragrance and plethora of dark green foliage. However, if you have trouble identifying a mint plant, it is important to look for some key characteristics in order to do so.

Step 1

Examine the leaf. Mint commonly has a nubby texture on the leaves, and grows in tightly clustered crowning leaves from the stems. The color should range from medium dark green to dark emerald green.

Step 2

Remove one of the leaves from the stem and crush it between your fingers. It should have a distinct, strong mint fragrance.

Step 3

Observe any present flowers, as these vary from each mint plant variety. For example, spearmint and peppermint plants have purple flowers. Usually the flowers are small and oddly shaped.

Step 4

Examine the location of the plant. Mint flourishes in moist soil with partial shade, although it can grow in full shade. It will not grow in rocky or dry soil. The plant can grow from crevices or cracks, or grow along the ground as a runner.


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