How to Keep Squirrels Out of Flower Boxes


Many people plant their favored plants in flower boxes, which are usually displayed on porches and window sills. Designed to add an aesthetically pleasing look to your home that you and others can enjoy, you may soon find out that people are not the only ones who enjoy flower boxes--squirrels do, too. Fortunately, there are several methods in which you can try to help keep the squirrels out of your precious flower boxes. If one does not work, try a different method.

Step 1

Lay a piece of hardware cloth (with a ½ inch grid) or chicken wire over top of the soil in your flower box and then cover it with an inch of mulch. Cut the cloth or wire with a pair of wire cutters to fit around your plants or lay it over bulbs or seeds prior to it sprouting. Plants will grow through both materials.

Step 2

Apply a squirrel chemical repellent, such as Ropel or Hinder (as recommended by the University of Minnesota). Apply them to bulbs or seeds prior to planting or apply them to the plants. Follow the directions written on the label and reapply as necessary.

Step 3

Repel squirrels with a home remedy. For example, sprinkle blood meal around the base of your plants. Or, fill a pair of pantyhose with dog hair, cat hair or moth balls and place them around your flower box.

Step 4

Deter the squirrels from your flower boxes and encourage them to eat something else. According to the University of Minnesota, squirrels will eat nuts, corn and sunflower seeds and this may distract them from your flowers. If you find this increases your squirrel population, then cease the feedings and try a different method to keep the squirrels out of your flower boxes.

Things You'll Need

  • Hardware cloth or chicken wire
  • Squirrel repellent
  • Blood meal, moth balls or hair
  • Pantyhose
  • Nuts, corn or sunflower seeds


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