How to Grow Fresh Herbs Inside


Having herbs on hand right when you need them in the kitchen is a great way to enhance the flavor of any dish. When the herbs are fresh picked right off the plant, the taste is that much better. To get such freshness, many gardeners grow herbs in a small garden near the back door; however, if growing space is slim or you want to enjoy fresh herbs year round, that may not be an option. To grow fresh herbs inside, you just need a sunny window and a little regular care.

Step 1

Select several small 4- to 6-inch pots to grow your herbs in and cover the bottom of the pots with broken pieces of terra cotta. Fill the rest of the pot with potting soil up to within 1/2 inch of the top of the pot.

Step 2

Plant herb seeds or transplant seedlings into the center of each pot, and add enough water to wet the soil. The herbs should be kept moist for the first month and then watered only as needed when the soil feels dry.

Step 3

Set your herbs in a sunny, preferably south facing window where they will be able to grow undisturbed. If you don't have a usable sunny window, hang a grow light over your herbs to rest 6 inches away from the top of your plants.

Step 4

Feed your herbs monthly with a water soluble all-purpose fertilizer to keep foliage coming. Look over the leaves and stems of your plants to check for small pests like aphids or spider mites, and treat them accordingly by spraying them outside with a pesticide which is safe for edible plants.

Step 5

Harvest herbs according to their type with sharp, clean herb scissors. Some herbs need to be clipped as soon as they reach 6 inches tall, while others can be collected from at any time, a few leaves at a time.

Things You'll Need

  • Small pots
  • Terra cotta pieces
  • Potting soil
  • Herb seeds or seedlings
  • Water
  • Grow light, if needed
  • All-purpose water soluble fertilizer
  • Non-toxic pesticides, if needed
  • Herb scissors


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