How to Get Rid of Moles From Your Garden


Many of the methods for getting rid of moles will work on a lawn, but can destroy your garden in the process. Flooding or installing traps often require your garden plants to take something of a beating. Fortunately, a number of natural repellents will get rid of moles without jeopardizing your plants. In fact, some of these methods may actually make your plants grow better.

Step 1

Track down the mole tunnel entrances. Moles use one or two main "runways" and a lot of little side tunnels. There is a good chance that the runways' entrances and exits are not even in your garden. If so, that opens up some other options for getting rid of moles and you need to know where the exits are anyway to drive the moles away.

Step 2

Spread coffee grounds over the garden. Not only do they make good fertilizer, but they repel moles from the area. Replenish them about once a week or after a rain. Fill the entrances and exits to the runways with the grounds as well.

Step 3

Place fabric softener sheets near the entrance and exit holes. Oleander, a fragrance in fabric softener, repels moles. Place the sheets in the entrances to the tunnels, then cover them with dirt to make the entire underground network unbearable.

Step 4

Treat the garden with castor oil granules. Once you have spread them over the garden, water them in with a garden hose. They will make the garden and the garden soil unpleasant for the moles.

Things You'll Need

  • Coffee grounds
  • Fabric softener
  • Castor oil granules
  • Garden hose


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