How to Water Lemon or Lime Trees


If you care for lemon or lime trees, you know these citrus plants require careful watering. Too much water can cause the leaves to curl and the fruit to drop, while not enough hydration produces wilted foliage. Although it may be tricky at first, citrus plant watering follows some basic guidelines. By understanding how much and how often to water your lemon or lime tree, you will grow a healthy plant that produces lots of fruit.

Step 1

Pick a day of the week, such as each Sunday, to water your lemon or lime tree. Citrus trees thrive with consistent, once-a-week hydration.

Step 2

Water indoor trees with 1/4 to 1/2 gallon of water. Remove any standing water that collects underneath the tray the tree container sits on.

Step 3

Hydrate your in-the-ground and outdoor-container trees deeply. Use a moisture meter to test for the amount of moisture near the root area to know when you have watered sufficiently.

Step 4

Watch for leaves that start to wilt and/or turn yellow. Water immediately and wait 24 hours to see if the foliage perks up. If not, the lemon or lime tree is being watered too much; hydrate your citrus less frequently.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Moisture meter


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