How to Prune Blue Mist Shrubs


The blue mist shrub (Caryopteris clandonensis), also commonly known as bluebeard or blue spirea, is a woody, perennial shrub that blooms in deep blue flowers from mid to late summer. If you are looking for a bit of color to fill a small space, consider the blue mist, as it grows to only 3 feet in height, with an equal spread. Pruning the blue mist is a two-step procedure that is best done in April and May.

Step 1

Cut all of the blue mist shrub's branches to 6 to 8 inches in length.

Step 2

Perform the second pruning step in May, when the blue mist shrub has set buds. Any wood that isn't about to bloom should be cut back until you see green wood. If the entire stem is dead, cut it off at its point of origin.

Step 3

Rake the gardening bed to remove all pruning detritus, bag it and dispose of it.

Step 4

Water the blue mist shrub until the soil is saturated. Allow it to drain completely.

Step 5

Spread a 3-inch layer of fresh mulch, 2 inches away from the base of the blue mist shrub, extending in a 2-foot radius around it.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Rake
  • Garbage bag
  • Mulch


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