How to Use Vinegar to Kill Grass


Unwanted grass ruins a landscape, but killing it can prove to be a nuisance. The process usually involves a chemical spray that can be harmful to pets, children and the environment. A natural, and less expensive alternative does exist and you probably have some sitting in your cupboard right now. Regular white distilled vinegar or pickling vinegar, used at full strength, will take care of that unwanted grass just as well as any chemical spray on the market.

Step 1

Wait for a hot, dry summer day if possible. For best results, ensure no rain looms in the weather forecast. Too much water will dilute the vinegar, making it less effective.

Step 2

Pour the vinegar liberally over the grass you wish to kill to the point of saturation. The exact amount will depend upon how much grass you are trying to kill. Soak the grass in vinegar.

Step 3

Observe the grass over the next few days. If the grass does not die, apply more vinegar to the area.

Tips and Warnings

  • An indiscriminate killer, keep vinegar away from other plants and wildlife.

Things You'll Need

  • Distilled white vinegar or pickling vinegar


  • The Vinegar Institute: Uses & Tips
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