How to Plant Strawberries in a Topsy Turvy


Planting strawberries in a Topsy Turvy planter is an ideal solution for want-to-be gardeners with limited planting space. As long as you have a patio or balcony where the plants will be in bright sunlight, you can grow strawberries in a Topsy Turvy. Planting strawberries in a Topsy Turvy is ideal not only for the space-challenged but also for gardeners who have difficulty bending or stooping.

Step 1

Purchase enough small ever-bearing strawberry plants at a garden center or greenhouse to put one or two plants in each hole in the Topsy Turvy planter. Everbearing strawberries are ideal for container growing and will produce two or three crops of strawberries during the growing season.

Step 2

Pour commercial potting mixture into the Topsy Turvy. Fill the bag just up to the bottom hole.

Step 3

Plant one or two strawberry plants in the bottom hole, poking the plants carefully through the hole from the inside. Hold the strawberry plant in place with one hand while you scoop in enough potting soil to anchor the plant securely in place.

Step 4

Add more potting soil to the Topsy Turvy, filling the bag up to the second hole. Plant one or two strawberry plants in the second hole. Continue planting the Topsy Turvy, working your way up to the uppermost hole.

Step 5

Hang the strawberry from a sturdy beam or other strong support, as the bag will be heavy after the potting soil has been watered. Place the Topsy Turvy where the strawberries will be exposed to full sunlight.

Step 6

Water the strawberries deeply immediately after planting. Add the water slowly, and don't stop until the water runs through the bottom of the Topsy Turvy. Continue to water the strawberries regularly. During hot, dry weather, the plants may need to be watered twice daily.

Step 7

Fertilize the strawberries every 10 days, using a good-quality organic fertilizer. If you prefer, you can fertilize the Topsy Turvy at planting time, using a timed-release fertilizer that will last the entire season.

Things You'll Need

  • Ever-bearing strawberry plants
  • Topsy Turvy strawberry bag
  • Commercial potting soil
  • Organic fertilizer or time-release fertilizer


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