Types of Grass Seed & Soil

The type of grass seed you will need for your lawn depends on how you will use your lawn and your local growing conditions such as how much sun will reach the grass. The type of soil in which you will seed the lawn will define the most effective method of seeding. Most grass seed can be seeded into most soil types.

Types of Grass Seed

There are many types of grass seed. The one that is right for your lawn will depend on your local growing conditions. Many commercial lawn seeding products contain a mix of different grasses. One variety of grass might compensate for a weakness in another variety and vice versa. Common grass seed varieties include Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrasses, and fescues. Kentucky bluegrass generally requires full sun, but can grow in shade if blended with grasses from the other two groups. However, some specialized varieties of Kentucky bluegrass are shade tolerant.

Soil Types

The type of soil into which you will sow your grass seed will define the planting method. The three general classifications of soil are sandy, high clay and loam. A healthy soil has elements of all three. The sand allows for good drainage. The clay helps the roots grip the soil, and the loam will retain water and often contains organic matter that will help feed your lawn. There are other factors, like pH and soil structure that can often be measured with a professional soil test. If you are seeding or re-seeding an entire lawn, this test may help you select the most appropriate planting method.

Planting Techniques

Depending on the type of soil you have, you might need to augment the soil with other components. For example, if you have heavy clay soil, you may need to add sand for drainage and compost or loam for water retention. Sandy soils might benefit from additional clay or compost. Place any soil augmentation on the surface and till the soil to mix the soil thoroughly. Once you have your soil prepared, there are a number of ways to spread the seed. One is by hand; another way is using a seed spreader. Mulch your lawn with straw once you have seeded the lawn according to the instructions on the seed bag. A more modern, commercial method of seeding a lawn is called hydro seeding. With hydro seeding, a mixture of seed and mulch are sprayed over the lawn.

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