Lawn Care for Weeds


Lush green lawns enhance the overall appearance of parks, businesses and yards. Unfortunately, these stretches of groundcover often suffer from poor soil conditions, diseases and weed growth. The invasive, hardy characteristics of weed plants enable them to overtake areas of lawn grasses to create an unhealthy, uneven appearance in your landscape. Boost the health of your lawn to form a defensive barrier against weeds.

Step 1

Mow your lawn at the highest recommended height for your variety of lawn grass. Cut varieties like fine fescue, bluegrass, buffalograss and ryegrass at a height of about 8 inches to block the sunlight from reaching weed seeds that require bright light to germinate and grow. Use a mower with a sharp blade to avoid tearing and damaging your grass plants. Remove less than a third of the grass's length during each mowing.

Step 2

Check your lawn immediately after mowing for the appearance of weed plants. Pull out small weed plants as soon as you notice them growing in your lawn. Don't allow these plants to mature and produce seeds that will grow into new plants in your yard.

Step 3

Apply about an inch of water to your lawn each week to help it form a healthy root system. Apply the water during the early morning hours, before the heat of the day.

Step 4

Apply a fertilizer to your lawn to increase the health of your grass. Select a general lawn fertilizer that contains nitrogen to boost the health of your lawn. Apply the fertilizer early in the season when your grass begins to turn green.

Step 5

Treat your weedy lawn with an herbicide as a last resort. Very weedy lawns may require a little chemical assistance to overcome invading weeds. To kill existing weeds in your lawn, apply a post-emergence herbicide that contains quinclorac or fenoaxprop ethyl, which help control annual grass weeds and larger weeds. Water your dry lawn the day before applying your herbicide. Follow instructions for mixing and applying the product to your weedy lawn.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawnmower
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Herbicide


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