How to Care for Amaryllis Bulbs Grown in Water


Amaryllis (Hippeastrum spp.) is a flowering plant native to South America, grown from bulbs. Generally grown indoors in the winter, the amaryllis does fine in the garden in warmer regions of the United States. The amaryllis bulb will grow and flower planted in nothing more than a jar with stones and water. If you are growing the large amaryllis bulb indoors in water, there is very little care required.

Step 1

Place the amaryllis bulb vase in the sunshine. A windowsill is ideal, but any area of the home that receives sunlight and temperatures above 60 degrees F will suffice.

Step 2

Add water to the vase as it evaporates. The water level should remain 1 inch below the bottom of the bulb. Do not allow the bulb to sit in water or it will rot.

Step 3

Change the water completely once a week. Drain the old water and add clean, room-temperature water.

Step 4

Turn the vase daily to keep the amaryllis growing upright, as it will have a tendency to lean toward the sun. Give it a one-quarter rotation every day.


  • Growing Amaryllis in Water
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