Easy Care Gardening Tips

Gardening is a productive pastime; however, it can also be strenuous. Easy gardening centers on preventing crop failure and labor intensive disease and bug infestations. Utilizing a few easy gardening tips to reduce weeds, disease and maintain soil over time will make gardening a lot more enjoyable as well as ensure an abundance of produce year after year.


According to Texas AgriLife Extension, mulch will help prevent soil from washing away as well as reduce the spread of disease, keep the soil temperature cool in the hot summer months, and increase water drainage. Using a 4-inch layer of mulch in the garden is an easy way for gardeners to prevent weed growth and increase soil fertility over time. Common materials used for mulch include compost, bark, wood chips or straw. Spread mulch over weed-free soil after planting your garden crops.

Crop Rotation

An easy way to ensure several years of productive gardening is to vegetable and herb rotate plants every year. North Carolina State University states that plant rotation reduces harmful insects and plant diseases. In addition, rotating plants ensures that specific nutrients do not get leached from the soil and improves the soil structure over time. Crop rotation encompasses planting crops within the same family in different locations every year. This prevents plants within the same family, which take up the same nutrients from the soil and attract the same bugs, from depleting the soil or bringing in bug infestations. In addition, different plants generate root systems that grow in different patterns. By rotating plants, the soil is broken up by the variety in root depth.

Drip Irrigation

Installing drip irrigation system makes watering easier as well as prevents the spread of disease. Colorado State University states that drip, or micro-irrigation, uses a network of plastic pipes to carry a low flow of water under low pressure to plants. This uses less water but waters the plants more effectively. In addition, it prevents the spread of disease by confining water to the soil as opposed to allowing it to sit on the leaves, which attracts bugs and creates fungus.

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