How to Plant Strawberry Pots


Growing your own strawberries provides sweet tasty fruits fresh off the plant. Specially designed containers known as strawberry pots, strawberry planters or strawberry jars allows you to grow strawberries anywhere. Strawberry pots come in all sizes, styles and various materials, including clay and ceramic pottery, wood and plastic. The similarity among all of the strawberry pots is the basic design of the planter. University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator Jeff Rugg describes it as a "a flower pot, usually less than two feet tall, that has a series of holes around the sides out of which additional plants are grown."

Step 1

Obtain strawberry pots with watering systems incorporated in the design, or create your own. Select a plastic pipe the same height of the strawberry planter, and drill several holes in the pipe to allow water to drain at all heights, suggests the University of Illinois.

Step 2

Move the empty strawberry pots to locations providing full sun for at least eight hours. Place the watering system (if you made one) in the strawberry pots.

Step 3

Place a screen, such as a cloth or coffee filter, over the drainage holes in bottom of the strawberry pot.

Step 4

Add soil to the strawberry pot, up to the first planting hole. Use potting soil with a time-release fertilizer mixed in, or add one as directed to the soil as you fill the strawberry pot. Carefully place a strawberry plant in the first planting hole, spreading out the roots. Continue to add more soil, and plants, until all the strawberry pot's pockets or holes are filled. Plant some strawberries on the top of the strawberry pots around the top plastic pipe.

Step 5

Fill the watering system (plastic pipe) with water. Continue to fill, as needed, throughout the growing season of the strawberry plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Strawberry pot(s)
  • Screen or cloth
  • High-quality potting soil
  • Time-released fertilizer
  • Plastic pipe, drill (optional)


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  • Google Shopping: Strawberry Pots
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