How to Grow Broad Beans & Snow Peas


Of all the vegetables you can grow in your garden, legumes such as beans and peas can be the easiest. After planting, the plants climb effortlessly up trellises, bloom and pollinate without help, and produce a hearty amount of crops repeatedly so long as you harvest. To grow broad beans and snow peas, you'll want to start with the soil and give the plants good supports to climb when necessary.

Step 1

Place your garden bed in full sun for at least six hours each day for peas and in a lower light area for broad beans, which don't prefer direct sunlight or heat. Dig the bed and loosen the soil up to 8 inches deep, using a shovel. Add 1 cubic foot of compost or garden soil for every square foot of garden space and mix it in well.

Step 2

Set up a trellis running east to west to support your plants. Depending on the varieties of broad beans and snow peas, make sure your trellis is as tall as needed since dwarf or bush varieties need little to no supports. Stake your trellis system firmly in the ground so it won't fall over.

Step 3

Plant your bean seeds 1 inch deep in the soil, 4 to 5 inches apart with rows spaced 18 to 30 inches apart. The peas should be planted 2 inches deep, and placed 2 to 3 inches apart with rows set 3 to 4 feet apart.

Step 4

Cover over the seeds lightly with soil and water all of your rows well to thoroughly moisten the soil. Keep the soil moist and well-watered as the seeds germinate and begin to water more deeply and less often once your plants are 6 inches tall.

Step 5

Treat your plants with a pesticide or fungicide approved for edible plants if you see signs of hungry pests or the plants appear to be struggling.

Step 6

Harvest your broad beans and snow peas as they mature. Harvesting encourages the plants to grow more, so regular checks for new beans and peas will keep your plant growing more crops.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't fertilize with any green manure or manufactured fertilizers that are high in nitrogen.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Compost or garden soil
  • Trellis system, 2 to 5 feet tall
  • Water
  • Pesticides or fungicides


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