Care of Sarracenia Plants


Sarracenia, also called pitcher plant, consists of a family of eight plants, seven of which thrive in the southeastern United States. One plant, Sarracenia purpurea, spreads to the north. All the plants are carnivorous, with tube-shaped flowers that trap insects that they digest with enzymes. Caring for Sarracenia is not difficult as long as you know how to create the right environment for the plant.

Step 1

Choose an area to plant the Sarracenia with sun or partial shade and moist soil. This plant likes peaty, acidic soil in bogs best.

Step 2

Water the carnivorous plant. Keep it soaking wet during the growing season from spring to fall.

Step 3

Move the plant to cooler temperatures in the winter months if indoors. Outdoors, the Sarracenia purpurea is frost-hardy. Keep the plant moist during this dormant season.

Step 4

Divide the plant in early spring to propagate it. This will also keep it healthy and give it room to breathe.


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