John Deere Mower Deck Removal


Your mower's deck needs as much servicing as any other components of the machine. Regular deck removal and cleaning lengthens the life of the blades and prevents clogging. Removal of the deck is required when checking and changing belts and mower blades, which is necessary on a regular basis for proper mower functionality. There are hundreds of John Deere lawn mower models, but many decks are removed with the same simple procedure.

Step 1

Place the mower on a level surface and ensure the tires are inflated to the same height. Check the side of the tire for the correct tire pressure, using the tire pressure gauge.

Step 2

Set three 2-inch wood blocks under the mower deck, one at the front, and two in opposite corners at the back of the mower deck.

Step 3

Lower the deck onto the wood blocks so that the deck is supported.

Step 4

Disconnect the mower engagement cable from the left-hand side of the mower deck and remove the spring locking pin next to it, using your hands.

Step 5

Remove the cable spring that runs across the mower deck from the idler sheave bracket. The spring has a small hook that connects to the idler sheave, which is lifted out carefully, as it is under high tension.

Step 6

Remove washers and other locking pins from the deck.

Step 7

Remove any arms that hold the mower deck in place after the pins are removed, and loosen the mower deck belts from the pulleys on top of the deck to release it from the mower. Pull the deck out from underneath the mower, using the wooden blocks underneath.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-inch wood blocks
  • Tire pressure gauge


  • John Deere Manuals: Service Mower
  • John Deere Manuals: Operating
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