How to Store Fig Plants in the Winter


Save your delicate fig plants through the winter. Fig trees do not tolerate even mild winter temperatures, and you will need to protect them from harsh weather. Should you live in an area with deep freezes, grow your fig plant in a container so you can move it to a warmer spot. Once out of the elements, do not forget your fig as it will still need care over the long winter months so it will rebound in the spring as the temperatures warm. Even fig plants grown in the ground can be stored and saved over the winter months. The secret to preserving your plant lies in waiting for it to lose its leaves and go dormant.

Preserve Fig Plants in Containers Over Winter

Step 1

Bring the fig plant container into a protected garage or storeroom in the fall when it loses its leaves.

Step 2

Keep the soil in the container moist by watering weekly if needed to keep the soil slightly damp.

Step 3

Move the container back outside in the spring after the last frost.

Store a Fig Plant Grown in the Ground

Step 1

Store fig plants grown in the ground over winter by waiting until their leaves fall, indicating the plant has fallen into a dormant (sleeping) state.

Step 2

Dig the fig plant out of the ground and lay it on its side.

Step 3

Drape a large piece of old carpeting or pile straw or soil over the fig plant to completely cover it and protect it from winter weather.

Step 4

Replant the fig tree in the spring after the last frost.

Things You'll Need

  • Fig plant in container
  • Shovel (optional)
  • Straw, soil or old carpeting (optional)


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