How to Pound in Landscape Edging


Landscape edging not only offers a visual benefit, it also keeps everything in its proper place. Grass won't be able to invade the bed, and plants won't be able to grow outside of it. This is because the edging provides a root barrier. Landscape bedding also provides a nice edge for mowing. Better yet, pounding one in tends to be easy enough even for a gardening novice to master the task.

Step 1

Purchase some plastic edging. If you aren't sure how much you need, first measure the perimeter of the garden or flower bed around which you wish to install the edging.

Step 2

Till and prep the soil of the bed before installing your edging. Trying to till after edging is installed may cause you to puncture the edging.

Step 3

Dig out a trench, about 6 inches down, around the bed where you wish for your edging to be installed.

Step 4

Install the edging with the curled up, v-shaped part facing the bed and not the lawn. Cut excess off with a utility knife, or some other serrated blade.

Step 5

Connect pieces when necessary with the connectors that come in the stake kit. Push both sides into the connector equally. Most are 8 inches long, so there should be 4 inches from each piece of edging inside the connector piece.

Step 6

Set the edging into the soil so only a half to a third of the upper circle is visible. This will keep you from mowing over it, and helps draw the eye to the bed--not the edging around it.

Step 7

Pound in the stakes at a flat angle. The pointed tip of the stake should be driven into the bottom of the edging, where it makes a "V." Pound them in at a 25-degree angle or less to keep them from pushing back up as frost sets in.

Step 8

Push soil up to the edging to ensure most of the edging remains underground. Add soil to any holes you notice between the edging and the lawn.

Step 9

Water along the edging. After you've done so, make sure to push more dirt along the edging, as described in the previous step. Watering will cause the soil to settle.

Things You'll Need

  • Landscape edging
  • Shovel
  • Rubber mallet


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