How to Plant Juniper Trees


Evergreen junipers have several varieties to the species. In most all types of the juniper, the plants require from full sun to partial shade for adequate growing conditions. The juniper also enjoys a well drained soil without too much clay. The moisture required for a juniper will also depend on the specific species of the plant. Consult your local agricultural extension service for specific requirements on the juniper species you are wanting to plant. Various climates and juniper species will require different growing conditions.

Step 1

Dig the juniper planting hole from two times to three times the size of the root ball on the small tree. Juniper seedlings may come in either a container or a wrapped burlap root ball. Junipers can be placed in the ground in most any time of the growing season, except the dead of winter when the ground is frozen solid.

Step 2

Loosen the soil around the interior of the dug hole. The loose soil will aid in the expansion of the roots as the plant grows.

Step 3

Remove the juniper from the container, or pull the burlap away from the root ball.

Step 4

Set the juniper into the planting hole. Keep the soil level, top of the root ball, of the juniper plant in line with the new location's ground level. In other words, the top of the root ball must be in line with the ground level of the new transplant hole.

Step 5

Back fill the dirt in and around the tree or shrub. Tamp the native soil back around the juniper's root ball gently with your hands. Keep the juniper aligned properly for level and orientation to the planting site.

Step 6

Make a soil ring around the main trunk of the juniper 18 inches to 24 inches in diameter, and 3 inches high. The ring of soil will hold any water in place and direct the water down to the plants roots.

Step 7

Add water to the top of the soil ring. Allow the water to soak into the soil. Add more water and allow it to soak again down around the root systems. The water will remove any air from around the roots and improve the soil to root contact.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Water


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