How to Preserve Pampas Grass Flowers for Decorating


The large feathery plumes of pampas grass makes it popular for decorative purposes. Enjoying these grandiose blooms of pink, white and purple doesn't have to be limited to spring and fall. Preserving them for your home can beautify your surroundings with floral accents year-round.

Step 1

Bundle the stalks of the pampas grass flowers together and tie with a piece of twine. Leave about a foot of twine hanging from the knot.

Step 2

Tie the other end of the twine around the center of a wire clothes hanger. Use another length of twine to secure it, if needed.

Step 3

Spray the feathery, fluffy blossoms of the pampas grass stalks with hairspray. Make sure to hold the can about 4 inches from the flowers so as not to disturb the texture of the flowers.

Step 4

Allow the flowers to dry for 15 minutes. Then spray the remaining sides of the flowers.

Step 5

Hang the clothes hanger from a cabinet knob in your kitchen, or from a hanging plant hook. Allow the pampas grass flowers to hang dry for up to three days.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire clothes hanger
  • Maximum hold hairspray
  • Twine
  • Scissors


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