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Every child who has ever read a Peter Rabbit book knows that your garden vegetables don't just look good to you. Squirrels and rabbits both like to eat lettuce, radishes and other vegetables. Since most gardeners don't want to stop growing vegetables, they must learn to keep squirrels and rabbits out of a garden. There are a wide range of solutions to keep pests out of a garden. Some work longer than others.

Step 1

Bend chicken wire into a cone or hoop and place it over growing plants such as tomatoes or rows of lettuce. The wire will keep squirrels and rabbits away from your plants.

Step 2

Drive fence posts into the ground around the perimeter of your garden using a rubber mallet. Attach chicken wire to the fence posts to create a garden-wide barrier. The chicken wire should be buried 6 inches below your garden soil to keep rabbits and squirrels out. The fence should be 6 feet tall and should curve outward at a 90 degree angle for 6 inches. The fence should be electrified along the top to keep squirrels out.

Step 3

Cut down all trees and brush within 8 feet of your garden so that squirrels cannot leap over the top of the fence.

Step 4

Scatter live traps throughout your garden to trap squirrels or rabbits. Bait the live traps with sunflower seeds. Release all captured squirrels or rabbits at least 5 miles away from your garden to prevent them from returning.

Step 5

Sprinkle cayenne pepper over plants to discourage nibbling. Reapply cayenne pepper after each rain.

Step 6

Drape mesh bags filled with human hair over your fences or around plants to scare away squirrels and rabbits by the scent.

Step 7

Place alternative food sources such as corn ears away from your garden to draw rodent pests away.

Things You'll Need

  • Chicken wire
  • Fence posts
  • Electrical wire
  • Electrical wire mounts
  • Electrical fence box
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Mesh bags
  • Human hair
  • Live traps
  • Corn ears


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