Which Vegetables Can You Grow in Pots?

According to the University of North Carolina, many people who lack outdoor space can grow a vegetable garden in containers. When growing a vegetable garden only in containers, you have to choose the right variety of vegetables to grow. Luckily, many kinds of vegetables grow well in containers, according to Texas A&M.

Lettuce and More

Leaf lettuce, like romaine lettuce and buttercrunch lettuce, grow well in containers. Any variety of Swiss chard, kale, collards and spinach also can be grown in containers as well, according to the University of Ohio. Each container should be 6 to 12 inches deep for each plant.

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pepper, Eggplant and Squash

Bush or determinate varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and squash grow very well in container situations. Varieties that grow well for tomatoes are: Patio, Toy Boy, Spring Giant, Small Fry and Celebrity. Cucumber varieties include: Salty, Crispy and Liberty. Types of peppers that grow well in containers are: Jalapeno, Red Cherry and Keystone Resistant Giant. Eggplant varieties that grow well in containers are: Bambino, Millionaire and Morden Midget. Squash varieties are: Scallopini, Early Yellow Summer, Peter Pan, Gold Rush, Bush Acorn, Table King and Cream of the Crop. Each pot should be between 16 inches to 24 inches deep.

Root Vegetables

Root vegetable like radishes and carrots can be grown in containers as well. Good carrot varieties for containers include: Short & Sweet, Danvers Half Long, Tiny Sweet, Gold Nugget, Best of the Bunch and Thumbelina. Types of radishes for containers are: Cherry Belle, Early Scarlet, French Breakfast and Icicle. Each pot should be between 6 to 10 inches deep.

Beans and Peas

Beans and peas grow well in containers, although they will need more space than other vegetables because of their vines. Bean varieties for container growth are: Bush Baby, Fordhook Bush Lima, Tendercrop Stringless, Bush Blue Lake and Bush Romano. The types of peas that will grow well include: Little Marvel, Sugar Bon, Laxton's Progress, Melting Sugar, Burpee's Blue Bantam and Snowbird. Pots should be 10 to 12 inches deep.

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