Landscape Rock Ideas

Add texture and definition to landscaping by decorating your property with landscape rocks. Available in a variety of natural colors and sizes, landscape rocks can stand alone as a focal point in a yard or they can enhance the beauty of a flower bed. Select the type of landscape rock that best suits the overall design of your outdoor decor.

Ornamental Tree Bed

Call attention to a weeping cherry, plum or willow tree by surrounding it with a rock bed. Excavate the ground three to four feet around an ornamental tree. Border the excavation with medium-sized river rock. Fill in the space between the river rock and the tree with small, polished river rock. The varied colors of the polished river rock help showcase the decorative tree.

Pebble Path

A pebble path can be a decorative walkway through or around a yard. Excavate a 2-foot wide stretch of ground between a patio and a garden. Fill the excavated area with small white landscape rock or river rock pebbles. Line the center of the dirt path with stepping stones and fill in around the stones with landscape rock.

Flower Bed Rock Mulch

Pop the colors of flowers and foliage with a rock mulch background. Add a 2-inch thick layer of small landscape rocks in flower beds in place of mulch. The landscape rocks help hold in moisture for the surrounding area while adding another dimension to the flower bed design.

Rock Garden

Create a rock garden focal point in your front yard. Excavate a 4- to 6-foot diameter space in the center of the yard. Border the excavation with pavers or natural stones. Line the excavated area with landscape fabric before filling in the space with small white landscape rocks or small river rocks. Place a fountain or a large boulder in the center of the rock garden to provide visual interest.

Mailbox Mosaic

Create a small mosaic border around your mailbox with landscape rock. Excavate the space around the mailbox post and border it with pavers or edging. Fill in the space from the pavers to the post with lines of different colored landscape rocks. Make the first row river rock around the perimeter of the border. Work your way in toward the mailbox with successive rows of white rock and slate pebbles. Each row should only be 2 to 3 inches wide. Repeat the pattern until you reach the mailbox post.

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