How to Buy Landscape Edging


Landscape edging helps reduce weeding as well as keeping mulch in place and creating a border between lawns and plantings such as shrubs, flower beds or trees. You can purchase landscape edging anywhere from home improvement stores to landscape supply companies and nurseries. Landscape edging is available in a wide range of styles from plastic to metal and stone, and each type has advantages and disadvantages.

Step 1

Decide how much you want to spend on edging, which will affect the type you purchase.

Step 2

Measure the complete circumference of your flower bed to determine the amount of edging you need.

Step 3

Determine which type of edging you want for your lawn, bed or border. Edging made of plastic or metal is less expensive and are simple to install, but some may be more susceptible to frost heave. Edgings made of stone, concrete, or precast brick are durable and easy to mow around, but are very permanent--a bed edged with precast concrete is more difficult to change or expand than one made of plastic. Natural edgings made of ground covers look nice, but grass may encroach upon them more easily.

Step 4

Call local contractors to determine if they carry the type of edging you wish to purchase, and how much they charge per foot. Plant nurseries will carry living edging such as sedum or thyme. A home improvement store may carry precast blocks, metal and plastic edging. You may need to have poured cement edging contracted through a builder.

Step 5

Examine edging in person before purchasing it. Edging varies in quality. Lower-priced, non-commercial-grade plastic edging is thinner, while commercial-grade edging may be as much as 5 1/2 inches thick and may be sold with steel stakes to help anchor it in place.

Step 6

Select the edging that best fits your budgetary and landscaping needs.


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