How to Plant Flowers From Highest to Lowest


When planning a flower garden, always consider the mature height of each type of flower you will plant. Some flowers grow tall, others grow low to the ground and still others fall somewhere in between, so you must place each flower variety accordingly. Plant flowers from highest to lowest, with the highest flowers in the back where they will not block shorter flower varieties.

Step 1

Select a growing location for your flowers that will suit the light requirements of each variety. Generally, plants that require full sun need at least six hours of direct sunshine every day. Plants that require partial sun can thrive with sun during either the morning or the afternoon. Plants that prefer a shady location may be able to tolerate dappled shade for part of the day, but should not receive any additional sun.

Step 2

Prepare the growing area in the spring after the final spring frost. Cultivate the flowerbed soil with a garden spade down to a depth of approximately 6 inches. Discard any rocks or debris you come across while you work the soil. Add 2 to 4 inches of rich compost on top of the soil and work the area with the garden spade to incorporate the compost and soil together. Rake the flowerbed to make it level.

Step 3

Select a variety of flowers with varying bloom times and heights to create a flowerbed that will remain attractive throughout the growing season. Read the plant descriptions on the seedling containers or the seed packets. Group the tallest flowers together, the medium-height flowers together and the shortest flowers together.

Step 4

Plant the tallest flowers in the back of the flowerbed. If you are planting seeds, follow the specific instructions for seed spacing and depth. If you are planting seedlings, follow the specific planting instructions for the spacing between the seedlings.

Step 5

Place the medium-height flowers in front of the tall flowers in the flowerbed so you can see both the medium and tall flowers as they grow in the flowerbed. Plant the medium-height flowers (seeds or seedlings) using the same method you used for planting the tall flowers.

Step 6

Plant the shortest flowers in the front of the flowerbed, using the same planting method you used for both the tall and medium-height flowers.

Step 7

Water the entire flowerbed thoroughly immediately after you finish planting the flowers to saturate the soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden spade
  • Compost
  • Rake


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