Rose Bouquets for Weddings


A rose radiates the joy of love and romance. The language of rose colors such as red, pink, yellow and white speaks of unity, purity, perfect happiness, love and hope. Rose wedding bouquets are designed to complement the gowns and wedding theme. Rose bouquets add elegance to a wedding on any budget.


A bride chooses roses for her wedding bouquets for many reasons. They may be her favorite flowers, were the first flower her groom presented her with or the blossoms of her birth month. Roses give volume and fragrance to a wedding bouquet. Bridesmaids carry singular roses or full bouquets to complement the bridal bouquet.


Ordering wedding bouquets can be a daunting mission until the bride sees books and photos of her choices. Full bloom, buds or sweetheart roses are used for the main flowers in silk or fresh bouquets. The do-it-your-self bride or florist designs round, cascade, hand-tied or round bouquets for the bride and her attendants. Roses are arranged on prayer books or a Bible for the devout bride to carry.

Expert Insight

The florist is able to make several types of wedding bouquets. The larger displays are generally made in a in a bouquet holder that has a built-in piece of floral foam with water. Rose are cut and arranged in a round, crescent or cascading design in the holder. Lilies, orchids, carnations, alstroemeria and small filler flowers may be added to the rose blossoms.


The rose bouquet can add a dramatic effect to the wedding gowns. A cascade bouquet will flow down the front of the gown. Cascade and round bouquets are as appropriate for the larger bride as they are for a petite woman. Cascades of ribbon, lace and beads add elegance to the rose bouquet. Pearl beads and crystals are incorporated into the bouquet for a rich appearance. Bouquets should be made to complement the bridal gown.


The rose wedding bouquets are designed with the bride's approval. She orders the wedding flowers to match her gown and the theme of the wedding. The flowers are arranged according to her taste and budget. They add to the ambiance of the day and remain as a focal point in wedding photos for years to come.

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