Different Kinds of Flowers of Japan

Home to tall mountain ranges, lush forests and miles of sandy coastlines, Japan is an ecologically diverse country that boasts many different types of plants and flowers. Much of the country has a temperate climate, and many different kinds of flowers in Japan will grow in temperate climates across the globe.

Japanese Quince

A native of Japan, Japanese quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) is a deciduous shrub that boasts dark pink, cherry blossom-like flowers and sharp, prickly spines. The plant is extremely tough, and once established, has no trouble with long droughts. Japanese quince isn't picky about soil and will grow in just about any soil, from sandy loams to heavy, poorly drained clays. The plant should be grown in full sunlight, and Japanese quince should be pruned occasionally to keep its appearance neat.

Japanese Spirea

A member of the rose family, Japanese spirea (Spiraea japonica) is a deciduous shrub native to Japan, Korea and China. The plant has dense foliage topped with tiny clusters of bright pink flowers. Japanese spirea prefers a rich loam and will greedily take large amounts of water during the growing season. For best results, plant Japanese spirea in full sunlight. Be on the look out for aphids, as the plant is particularly prone to them in the spring.

Japanese Pieris

A native of Japan, Taiwan and Eastern China, Japanese pieris (Pieris japonica) is an evergreen shrub that boasts clusters of flowers in shades of pink or white, depending on the cultivar. The compact shrub rarely reaches heights of above 12 feet tall. For best results, plant Japanese pieris in an acidic, peat-heavy soil in light or partial shade. Sensitive to water, Japanese pieris requires consistent moisture, but not too much of it--soggy soil will often kill the plant.

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