How to Prepare a Hibiscus Plant for Winter


Hibiscus, as tropical plants, do not tolerate freezing temperatures. Preserve these perennials through the winter by tailoring protections measures to your climate. Plant your hibiscus in a pot for bringing indoors if you experience annual freezes. In warmer climates, leave your hibiscus outside and protect it when a freeze threatens for a night or two.

Protect Potted Hibiscus

Step 1

Bring potted hibiscus inside before the first frost.

Step 2

Stop watering the plant until the plant becomes dormant, indicated by all the leaves falling off.

Step 3

Keep your hibiscus in a spot with 40 to 45 degree temperatures F throughout the winter.

Step 4

Check the soil biweekly for moisture level by pushing your finger 2 inches deep into the soil. Add water to the plant if the soil feels dry 2 inches below the surface. Pour in enough water so the soil feels damp 2 inches below the surface.

Prepare Outdoor Hibiscus

Step 1

Layer composted leaves or mulch around the base of the hibiscus and over the stem to create a layer 4 to 6 inches thick.

Step 2

Wrap Christmas lights around the hibiscus plant and plug them in to warm the plant during freezing nights.

Step 3

Cover the plant with a tarp or frost blanket during freezing temperatures to protect the plant and hold the warmth from the Christmas lights against the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Composted leaves or other organic mulch
  • Christmas lights
  • Frost blanket or tarp


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