Types of Seeds in a Flower Garden

Gardeners enjoy planting flowers so that they can enjoy their beauty in outdoor landscapes or breathe in the sweet scents that many of them produce. Inside a seed is an embryo that will grow into a new plant or flower. The seed has the genetic make-up and stored food that assists in its development. Once a seed becomes a flower, it may create just a few seeds or thousands of them. Seeds are classified into categories by three different concepts: life span, the bloom frequency and the type of flower the seed produces.

Annual Seeds

Flower seeds classified as annuals bloom only once per year. Annuals are often colorful and used by gardeners who keep their flower beds updated each passing year. In some areas, where the weather is warmer, annuals have the ability to reseed themselves, giving them the ability to come back once again. Examples of annuals include zinnias, petunias, poppies and marigolds.


Perennial flower seeds only have to be planted once and will return year after year. With each passing year, flowers may come back fuller or thicker as they were in past years. Some perennial seeds may be higher in cost because their annual return. Flowers categorized as perennials include shasta daisies, blanket flowers and black-eyed Susan.

Biennial Flower Seeds

Biennials live for two years. During the first year, a biennial will grow and develop---and then during the second year of its life, it will bloom. A biennial will not bloom during the first year of planting. During the second year, the biennial will bloom and self seed for its next return. Biennial flowers include forget-me-nots, Sweet William and Majorette hollyhock.

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