How to Revive Overwatered Flowers


All plants need water to grow properly, but too much water can be harmful. Overwatering can drown the plant's roots and will kill the plant if the situation isn't immediately corrected. Reviving a drowning plant is simply a matter of letting it dry. Even extremely water-sensitive plants like geraniums will quickly revive if given a chance to breathe, according to North Dakota State University.

Step 1

Stop watering immediately. This gives the plant's soil a chance to begin drying out.

Step 2

Empty the saucer under the plant's pot if it's a houseplant. Overwatering often fills this saucer up, and it will continue to moisten the soil even when you stop applying irrigation.

Step 3

Clear away any surface debris and mulch around the plant. Such materials blocks the water from evaporating and can lengthen the time it takes for the overwatered flower plant to recover.

Step 4

Test the soil moisture levels by sticking your finger into the dirt. Avoid watering until the soil has dried to a depth of 2 inches, after which proper irrigation of the plant can begin again.


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