How to Grow and Care for Aloe Vera Plants


The aloe is a tropical, succulent plant with more than 250 species variations. It is an African native that is cold tender and requires warm climates for successful growth. Its tropical climate requirements make it an excellent selection for potting, allowing to be raised both indoors and outdoors. Like many succulent plants, the aloe plant is quite easy to care for and requires little to no pruning.

Step 1

Plant the aloe in a well-drained, shallow pot that is just slightly larger than the depth of the plant's root system. The width of the container should be twice the diameter of the plant's root system.

Step 2

Mix equal amounts of nutrient-rich potting soil and clean, coarse sand or perlite. Incorporate the mixture thoroughly for best results.

Step 3

Line the container with about a 2 inch layer soil. Increase the drainage potential of this layer by incorporating stones or gravel, as recommended by The Garden Helper. Position your aloe plant in the center of the container and fill the container with soil.

Step 4

Irrigate your aloe plant deeply but infrequently. Place the plant in the sink or on the ground and irrigate the aloe plant until the water flows evenly from the bottom of the container. Allow the plant to dry in-between each irrigation, as recommended by The Succulent Plant.

Step 5

Feed your aloe plant annually in the early spring, as instructed by The Garden Helper. Use a slow-release fertilizer with low levels of nitrogen and potassium and higher levels of phosphorus, such as a 10-40-10 or 6-10-6 combination. Apply the feed during its irrigation and use at half strength.

Step 6

Keep your aloe plant in a warm location that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of full to partially shaded sunlight each day. Avoid locations near direct temperature variations such as drafty doorways, heating vents, air conditioners and patio grills. Protect your aloe plant from cold temperatures to prevent frost and cold injury.

Things You'll Need

  • Cacti mix
  • Course Sand
  • Potting Soil


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