How to Cut Day Lilies Down for Winter


Day lilies are beautiful flowers that grow from spring until late summer, giving off blooms in a variety of colors. They grow in clumps that can get rather large, which allows you to divide and replant throughout the yard. When it gets near the end of the day lily growing season, the flowers begin to die back and leaves start to turn. It is best to cut the day lilies back for winter so they will come out full and lush during the next growing season.

Step 1

Cut day lilies back in late summer using pruning snips. Late summer is when the blooms have faded or fallen off, and all that is left for the most part are tall scraggly stems. Trim them back from the bloom about 4 inches.

Step 2

Clip off leaves, in the fall, as they turn yellow, so that nutrients will be routed to healthy areas of the plant.

Step 3

Snip off stalks near the ground, once all of the lilies have died for the season and leaves have fallen off. If you don't have a way of cutting them, break off the stalks with your hands. This is typically done in the fall in preparation for winter.

Step 4

Divide the plants at this time if they have gotten too large or you need some in another area. Simply dig down and pull off part of the plant with several of the snipped-off stalks attached, plant it in another hole, and water until the soil is damp.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning snips


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