How to Change a Lawn Mower Oil Filter


Not all mowers have an oil filter, but if yours does you will need to change it while you change the oil. The oil filter removes contaminates from the oil just like your car oil filter does. You will change the oil filter just like your car oil filter as well. When changing the oil filter, ensure that you get the correct size oil filter for your mower. If necessary, take the old oil filter with you when purchasing a new one. Home improvement centers as well as auto parts stores will have oil filters available for your mower.

Step 1

Locate the oil filter on your lawn mower. The oil filter will usually be on the right side of the engine.

Step 2

Place the container you used for draining the oil under the oil filter. Place a filter wrench around the oil filter and turn the filter counter-clockwise until loose. Remove the oil filter completely by hand.

Step 3

Place a film of oil on the gasket of the new oil filter with your finger. Thread the new oil filter onto the filter base on the engine until it snugs up against the base. Turn the filter another half turn by hand. Finish the rest of your oil change.

Things You'll Need

  • Container
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Oil filter
  • SAE 30 motor oil


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