Different House Plants

Indoor plants have a lot to offer, bringing color and life to the home, while removing toxins from the air. Though not all plants are suitable for growing indoors, there are many different kinds of house plants that can be kept inside with ease.

Oilcloth Flower

A native of Colombia, oilcloth flower (Anthurium andraeanum), also called painter's palette, is a glossy looking flowering plant that boasts a waxy spathe accented by a long protruding spadix. Available in colors ranging from pink to red and white, oilcloth flower is an attractive plant that grows in well drained soils and is capable of removing ammonia from the air. Oilcloth flower should be placed in indirect sunlight coming from the north or east. Fertilize with a lime fertilizer once a month during the growing season to keep the flower healthy and strong.

Queen of the Bromeliads

A native of Venezuela, queen of the bromeliads (Aechmea chantinii) is a large tropical plant that boasts thick, stiff leaves and reddish pink flowers. Easy to grow and low maintenance, queen of the bromeliads grows best in bright, indirect sunlight coming from the East, West or South. The plant should be grown in moist acidic soil. A monthly application of water soluble fertilizer during the growing months will keep the plant looking healthy and fresh. Many bromeliad species will also remove formaldehyde from the air.


Native to the tropics of Central America and Southern Mexico, windowleaf (Monstera deliciosa) is a plant commonly grown indoors for its broad, luscious foliage. The plant boasts large, jagged leaves in a shade of rich green. When planted indoors, windowleaf should be kept in indirect, diffused sunlight in well drained soil. Water regularly, using rainwater or demineralized water whenever possible.

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