Large Indoor Tropical Plants

Filling the home with indoor plants is an easy way to decorate--providing color, liveliness and texture that furniture and framed artwork can't compete with. Large tropical plants are especially stunning when brought indoors, and there are a number of species that will thrive as houseplants.

Golden Cane Palm

Named for its rich yellow leaf stems, golden cane palm (Dypsis lutescens), also called areca palm, is a striking tropical tree commonly grown in indoor containers. A native of Madagascar, where it is now endangered, it thrives in bright, diffused sunlight. The plant should be given fertile, well-drained soil. Water the plant frequently, enough to keep the soil moist without making it wet or soggy.


Windowleaf (Monstera deliciosa) is a tropical plant native to the jungles of southern Mexico and Central America. Boasting broad, glossy green leaves, windowleaf is commonly used as an indoors foliage plant. For best results, windowleaf should be kept in indirect sunlight in well-drained soil. Windowleaf should be watered with rainwater or demineralized water on a regular basis; the occasional misting will help keep the plant lush and green.

King of the Bromeliads

Boasting stiff, striped leaves, "king of the bromeliads" (Vriesea hieroglyphica) is a tall-growing tropical plant native to Brazil. The plant provides attractive foliage, while also removing formaldehyde, toluene and trichloroethylene from the air. The plant thrives with indirect sunlight, and in well-draining, rich soil. Mist occasionally with warm, lime-free water, and apply a lime-free fertilizer every eight months or so.

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