How To Plant Broadcast Orchardgrass


Orchardgrass is a cool-season perennial grass that is highly productive. Orchardgrass is a bunch type of grass that is mainly grown for foraging purposes. It can grow 2 to 4 feet tall, and it is tolerant of shade and drought to a certain extent. Orchardgrass usually is established from seeds, which are planted in mid- to late summer.

Step 1

Prepare the soil for the orchardgrass. Rake any large rocks and break up any clumps of compact dirt. Till the soil well and add 4 to 5 inches of compost. Work it into the soil to about 4 to 6 inches to improve drainage for the orchardgrass.

Step 2

Calculate how much orchardgrass will be needed for the planting space. Spread 30 lbs. of seed per acre of planting space.

Step 3

Place the seeds in the broadcast seeder and run it over the planting area.

Step 4

Cover the broadcasted orchardgrass with ¼ to ½ inches of soil and roll over it with a lawn roller.

Step 5

Water the orchardgrass until the soil is moist.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost
  • Rake
  • Tiller
  • Broadcast seeder
  • Lawn roller


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