Common Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are a species of flowers native to tropic areas in the world. The most common areas for tropical flowers are the Amazon Basin, the Congo Basin, Southern China, India and Hawaii. Tropical flowers usually have showy, fragrant flowers with large foliage. They often are used for many different purposes, including essences, cleansers and ointments.


Bougainvillea is a tropical, flowering and evergreen vine. This plant commonly grows on vines more than 20 feet long but also can be trained to grow as a bush or in hanging baskets. Bougainvillea varies in color from vibrant yellow to purple, white and pink. These flowers require little care and will grow all spring and summer. They need at least five hours of sun per day and prefer wet soil. Bougainvillea need a 20-20-20 fertilizer a few times a year so they do not exhaust the soil. In cooler climates, bougainvillea can be grown as a houseplant. The plant tolerates drought very well and thrives in hot climates of the southern United States.


A common tropical flower found in Hawaiian leis is the Plumeria. These shrubs grow as large as 30 to 40 feet tall and are commonly mistaken for trees. In cooler climates, plumeria grow well in containers and in greenhouses. Plumeria thrive in full sun but will tolerate partial shade. They require a slow-release, high-phosphate fertilizer and a moderate amount of water to encourage healthy blooms. The flowers bloom in early spring through the summer and come in pink, yellow, white, red and pastels. They are very fragrant, and the blooms last for several days in water after they have been cut.


Orchids are popular tropical flowers. They adapt very well to their environments and thrive as houseplants. They come in a variety of colors such as yellow, pink, purple and red. More than 35,000 species of orchid exist, which makes it one of the largest families of flowering plants. In spite of popular belief, orchids do not require much care to survive. Orchids will thrive with eight hours a day of indirect light, weekly watering and monthly fertilizing.


Costus is a tropical flower most commonly known as spiraling ginger. The flower of the costus is a bright red, cone-shaped bloom that has spiraling stems. The plant can grow up to 10 feet high and is an important food source for many insects. It blooms from late summer through early fall and has large, leafy foliage. Costus should be grown in fertile, organic, well-drained soil and get at least three to five hours of direct sunlight each day. The plant should be kept moist but not in standing water.

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