List of Rainforest Flowers

Characterized by high rainfall averages and tropical climate, rainforests throughout the world are home to interesting and colorful flora. The warm temperatures and moist, black soil conditions of rainforests allow for several varieties of flowers to bloom, from common tropical passion flowers to rare and noxious-smelling corpse blossoms.

Candle Bush

Native to South America and prevalent in the Amazon rainforest, candle bush (Senna Alata) provides vibrant splashes of yellow amongst the deep green foliage of its environment. With alternative names such as Empress Candle and Ringworm tree, candle bush grows throughout tropical regions, providing its bright yellow blossoms as a medicinal herb in indigenous cultures and herb-wise individuals. A forgiving plant, candle bush adapts to a variety of climates as long as it has plenty of warmth and moisture in a garden setting. It grows throughout desert landscapes, sub-tropical Florida gardens and natural rainforest environments.

Pelican Flower

A deciduous vine with carnivorous blossoms, pelican flower produces large, heart-shaped blossoms with hollowed cores that contain digestive fluids. The digestive fluids within the core of the pelican flower's blossom emits a smell comparable to that of a rotting corpse, much like the tropical corpse flower. The smell attracts insects and small mammals, which slip into the core and drown for the pelican flower to digest them slowly. Prevalent in rainforests throughout South America and Asia, the pelican flower presents itself as an invasive vine that sucks the nutrients from plants to which it adheres itself.

Ylang Ylang Tree

Also known as fragrant cananga, the ylang ylang tree thrives throughout Asiatic rainforests and other tropical regions throughout the world. The small yellow and white blossoms of the ylang ylang tree emit a highly desirable fragrance that is often added to commercial fragrances and body products. A massive evergreen tree, ylang ylang reaches heights of up to 100 feet, although dwarf varieties exist. Loamy soil with a humid climate allow ylang ylang trees to thrive.

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