The Easiest Way to Grow Mushrooms at Home


The easiest way to grow mushrooms at home is to buy a mushroom-growing kit. These kits can be purchased from a variety of sources, including ads in magazines and newspapers as well as online. While it is possible to grow your own mushrooms without the use of a kit, the steps involved are complex and time-consuming. In most cases all that is required to begin growing mushrooms from a kit is to moisten the growing medium and place it in a dark location.

Step 1

Decide what type of mushroom (or mushrooms) you wish to grow at home and then purchase an appropriate mushroom growing kit. Kits are available to grow a wide variety of mushrooms.

Step 2

Read and follow the instructions provided with the kit you purchase. Some kits require that you mix the growing medium and/or that you spread the mushroom spores (seeds) onto the surface of the growing medium. Some kits come with the spores already in place.

Step 3

Add water to the kit. Use only distilled water unless the manufacturer suggests otherwise. Fill a spray bottle with room-temperature (never cold) distilled water and thoroughly dampen the surface of the growing medium, but do not make it soggy.

Step 4

Place your dampened growing kit in a dark and moist location if you have one. If not, place it in a dark location, such as in a closet. Put it where temperatures are as close as possible to those recommended for your particular kit. In most cases a temperature of 55 to 70 degrees F is perfect.

Step 5

Check your kit on a daily basis and spray the surface with distilled water as needed to keep the growing surface damp but not soggy.

Step 6

Watch for mushrooms to begin growing within seven to 10 days. Harvest your mushrooms approximately 14 to 21 days later.

Things You'll Need

  • Mushroom-growing kit
  • Distilled water
  • Spray bottle


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