How Do You Grow a Lucky Bamboo Plant?


The plant called "lucky bamboo" is actually dracaena sanderiana, and not a member of the bamboo family at all. Instead, it is a close relative of both the Easter Lily and the spider plant. Unlike those two family members, however, it thrives in a hydroponic (or water-based) environment. Lucky bamboo is susceptible to fluoride, so it is very important to only give it water that does not contain fluoride. Many municipalities fluoridate their water to help prevent tooth decay. If your local area fluoridates its water, use bottled water for lucky bamboo.

Step 1

Place decorative aquarium stones or gravel in the bottom of a tall, translucent vase or decorative jar. Fill it about one-third full of stones or gravel, if you are using them.

Step 2

Arrange the lucky bamboo seedlings decoratively among the stones or gravel; if not using stones or gravel, simply arrange decoratively in the vase. Poke the stems down into the graven or stones so that the stems are supported by these materials.

Step 3

Fill the vase with non-fluoridated water. Avoid filling so high that you cannot move the vase without spilling.

Step 4

Place the vase in a bright room with indirect sunlight, such as an office with a window, or a room in your house. Give the lucky bamboo plenty of filtered sunlight, such as through curtains or blinds.

Step 5

Change the water once a week and monitor your lucky bamboo's condition. Applying minute amounts of a diluted liquid fertilizer once in a long while is acceptable, but not necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Lucky bamboo seedlings
  • Non-fluoridated water
  • Tall, translucent vase or decorative jar
  • Aquarium stones or gravel (optional)
  • Fertilizer (optional)


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