Care for Potted Lilies for Easter


Easter lilies (Lilium longiflorum) are bulb plants that traditionally bloom in the late spring. Lilies are a hearty bulb that can be forced, as is commonly done for the Easter season. If you have the pleasure of receiving a potted Easter lily, use proper care while the plant is blooming, and then enjoy years of Easter lilies outdoors in your garden after transplanting the healthy bulbs.

Step 1

Maintain a moist pot for the lily plant while the plant has its blooms.

Step 2

Set the potted lilies at a sunny window that is relatively cool.

Step 3

Cut off the withered flowers with sharpened scissors directly under the flower. Leave the stalk intact, because the bulb will continue gathering nutrients through the stalk and leaves for the next year's blooms.

Step 4

Reduce watering to once a week and then once every other week as the leaves die.

Step 5

Pop off the old stem once it dries out and place the potted bulbs in a dark, cool room until any threat of frost passes. Continue moistening the pot every other week. This prevents the bulb from completely drying out. Transplant the bulb outdoors in late spring; it will flower again next year.

Things You'll Need

  • Watering can
  • Scissors (sharpened)


  • Plant Care: Easter Flowers and Plants
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