Landscape Design Ideas for a Front Yard

Your front yard is one of the most important areas for landscaping. Your front yard determines your home's "curb appeal." This plays a role in attracting buyers and setting the price of your property should you decide to sell. It also creates a welcoming feel for friends and family. Select landscape design ideas that complement your home's design.

Curved Walkway

Install a curved walkway in front of your house for a relaxed, informal landscape idea. Have your walkway wind near such items as trees and fountains to give your guests the chance to admire your yard's best features. Alternately, edge a curved walkway with low dwarf trees or flowers.


Use shrubs to create structure in front of your home. Add a row of low shrubs or topiaries to soften your home's architectural lines. Use taller shrubs, such as boxwoods, at the edge of your lawn to create a natural barrier and privacy screen. Line paths and driveways with shrubs to create a structured, formal look.

Fruit Trees

Plant fruit trees in your front yard. Fruit trees are fragrant, bright and attractive. They also tend to be small, so they will not block the view of your home. Add such aromatic plants as flowering jasmine, lavender and herbs to mingle with the scent from your fruit trees.

Southwestern Landscape

Consider a Southwestern landscape design if you live in a hot, dry climate or just want a low-maintenance yard with an exotic look. Cover the ground with rock mulch. Add palms, cacti and succulents, which don't require much water. Install drip irrigation to water the plants efficiently, or water them manually after the sun goes down. Landscape the yard to channel rainwater to your plants to make efficient use of your area's precipitation.

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