How to Make Bridal Bouquets From Loose Flowers


Fowers can account for 10 percent of your overall wedding cost. Creating your own bridal bouquets, not only for yourself but for the wedding party, can save money, plus it allows you to express yourself. If your wedding is in the summer, you may even be able to use fresh-cut flowers and greenery from your own garden or a garden of a friend or family member.

Step 1

Use sharp scissors or a knife to trim the leaves from the stems of your flowers and cut about 2 inches off the end of the stems, at a 45-degree angle. Then place the cut and trimmed stem in a vase of room-temperature water until you use it in your bouquet.

Step 2

Take four of your blooms in your hand and arrange them to form a square. These are going to be the focal point of your bouquet and the center. If you have decided to use a larger flower, such as a hydrangea or lily, for the center focal point, then start with only the one blossom.

Step 3

Arrange your other flowers, one by one, around your center to create a dome shape. Add your greenery in among your flower if you want, or end the bouquet by edging or surrounding the dome of blossoms with stems of large leaves.

Step 4

Secure the stems by wrapping floral tape around the bunched stems. Make the wrap about 3 or 4 inches down from the flower blossoms. You can use a rubber band instead to secure the stems.

Step 5

Cut the bunch of stems so the overall length is 8 to 10 inches. Then, starting where you have secured the stems, use floral tape to wrap around and cover the bunched stems, carefully angling the tape to move it down the stems as you wrap. Leave about 2 inches of stem exposed so you can place your bouquet in a vase with 1 or 2 inches of water until you are ready to do the final step.

Step 6

Trim the exposed stem ends off your bouquet so they are even. Take a length of your wide ribbon that you cut three times the length of the stem handle. Tuck one end of the ribbon into the wrap binding of the floral tape by the blooms, then begin wrapping the ribbon spirally down the stem bunch. When you reach the end of the stems, fold the ribbon over and up, then continue to wrap the stems spirally back up the handle. When you have completed the ribbon wrap, tuck the end into the binding and secure the ribbon with two corsage pins.

Step 7

Store your bouquet in the refrigerator until the ceremony.

Tips and Warnings

  • Choose flowers that have sturdy stems. Hollow- and weak-stemmed flowers will be difficult to use.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh flowers
  • Sharp scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Vase of water
  • 1- to 2 1/2-inch ribbon
  • Corsage pins


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